Who We Are

We are Fashion Revolution.

We're more than just a T-shirt company....

We are a company of dreamers — of thinkers, movers, shakers, and believers. We understand that we’re not just printing t-shirts, we’re helping people make memories. To you, these are more than just pieces of fabric. They’re keepsakes that will remain with you for years. And we’re incredibly proud to know that, with every garment we print and every order we fill, we’re sharing with you a piece of ourselves.

The Right People For The Right Job

This is where professionalism and creativity intersect


Charles Brown
CEO & Founder

Printing is an art form, and nothing makes us happier than creating a masterpiece. To make it all possible, we’ve assembled an amazing team of the world’s best and brightest designers, printers and project specialists who are available 7 days a week to make sure even the most complicated order is a breeze.


Shermel Richardson
General Manager &

We're constantly improving because we treat our workspace not just as a place to do business, but as a place to learn. We're always working on realizing new ways to deliver an even higher quality product with even faster turnaround times.

Touch Trismegistus
Creative Director

We know our stuff when it comes to printing t-shirts. We're confident you'll be amazed at the quality of our work and we back it up with our Money Back Guarantee


We are Fashion Revolution that is constantly experimenting with new techniques, cutting edge technology and applying latest trends in the industry to better ourselves, and making every design more exceptional than the last!

Dare To Be Different

We love and live fashion and keep our thumb on the pulse of current trends, which we transform into effortlessly casual looks with feel-good character.